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Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) Program

An Assistant Language Teacher, or ALT, works in a school, or a number of schools in the Japanese education system, to assist the local Japanese teachers of English in a team-teaching style. This style is most often seen at junior high schools.

Changes to the Japanese government's policy on English education mean that soon compulsory English education will begin in the 5th and 6th grades of elementary school, rather than at junior high school under the current system .

Joytalk ALTs receive a competitive salary, transportation allowance plus bonus. Comprehensive training is provided prior to the ALT being taken to the location where they would be living and working. For those who are selected to work, visa sponsorship is provided if necessary.

Joytalk also takes the hassle out of relocating to Japan by doing all the leg work necessary regarding visas, searching for flights, initial accommodation, locating and renting a convenient apartment including initially taking care of all associated apartment costs such as the key money, agent's fees, insurance, etc.

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