The first step is to send us your job application. Please use our online application form to send your resume with cover letter and photo. Joytalk's main hiring season is from November to March prior to the Japanese school year starting in April. We also have positions that open up throughout the year so please feel free to send your application in regardless of the season.

After receiving your application we will examine your qualifications and send you instructions on how to set up an interview.


Joytalk's interviews are currently being conducted on Google Meet, in which case, please make sure that you have a working Internet connection, camera, and microphone.

Interviews generally take 30-60 minutes. Make sure to double-check that your camera, microphone and Internet connection are all working before the interview starts.


Joytalk will provide visa sponsorship when necessary to those who have passed their interview and have decided to work with Joytalk.

Processing the required documents for work eligibility in Japan is handled by Joytalk. Teachers can be assured that Joytalk will guide them step by step through this process.

Moving to Japan

Joytalk also takes the hassle out of relocating to Japan by doing all the leg work necessary regarding initial accommodation, locating and renting a convenient apartment including initially taking care of all associated apartment costs such as the key money, agent's fees, insurance, etc.

Joytalk also provides 24-hour assistance with English speaking support staff. Teachers can be rest assured that they will have the help they need in any circumstance.


Comprehensive training is provided prior to the school term. Teachers with no experience teaching children will be brought up to speed through our training camp and will be guided through the basics.

The Japanese school year starts in April. Teachers will be expected to work at the same school(s) for at least one year.

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